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My name is Daniel Shewalwm. I am a certified tour guide for Lalibela and its surrounding areas. I was born and raised in Laibela and posses a university degree in Economics with more than 15 years of experience in the tourism business. I also have a certificate in tourism from the Catering and Tourism Training Institute of Addis Ababa. I speak fluent Englsih and the local language, Amharic. My late grand father was the head priest of Saint Gabriel church, one of the 12 rock-hewn churches in the town. I am a highly experienced guide with a deep knowledge of the rich history of the rock-hewn churches, the town and the local community.


The services I provide are the following.


  • Guiding the rock-hewn church’s of Lalibela and other surrounding churches. 

  • Trekking in the Lasta mountains.  

  • Bird watching. 

  • Transportation and hotel reservation.

  • Visit to farms, bee keeping and traditional healer. 

  • Visit to traditional houses and the locals way of life. 

  • Highland adventures through the holy land and the Abune Yosef mountain.

The itenary below is a sample of what a one week tour looks like.


Day 1

Arrive to Addis Ababa Bole International airport and  stay at the hotel of your chioce for a night to recover from jet lag or long international flight .


Day 2

Arrive to Lalibela in the early afternoon have lunch & visit the 1st   group of the rock-hewn churches.


Day 3

Early day hike to Ashton monastery and church (4 hour total). Hike to 3400m and visit some of the first church carved by king Lalibela. In the afternoon we visit the 2nd group of churches in Lalibela.


Day 4

Visit Yemrehane Kirstose that is 42km from Lalibela by car.  In the afternoon take time to explore Lalibela on your own.


Day 5

6 to 7 hour trek to Abune Yosef from the hotel (2600m) to base camp in Tigu Kebela ( 3700m ).


Day 6

Wake up early and do 3 hour trek to summit of Abune Yosef mountain ( 4300m ), have lunch on summit & walk back to base camp.


Day 7

5-6 hours trekking back to Lalibela stopping for lunch on the way, meals  providing by guide (cook).


Day 8

Fly back to Addis Ababa or to other destinations in the country.

For those who are interested to visit other historical places in the northern regions of Ethiopia such as Gonder, Axum and Bahirdar blue nile falls we provide tour packages.



Axum is located in the Tigray region of northern Ethiopia. It was the center of the  the oldeset civilization of the  Axumite kingdomand and a place where christianity was first introduced to Ethiopia.

Some of the Axum Obelisks that are still standing. 

The Chapel in Axum where the Ark of the Covenant is beleived to be kept in a secret location inside.

Tis Abay falls just outside the city of Bahir Dar which is the main source of the blue nile.

Fasiledes Castel in the acient city of Gonder.

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