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Discover the ancient wonders of Ethiopia with our meticulously crafted tours. We offer guided visits to historic sites such as Lalibela, renowned for its awe-inspiring rock-hewn churches, and the UNESCO World Heritage Sites of Aksum, Gondar, and Bahirdar Churches and monasteries. Immerse yourself in the vibrant local culture as you explore bustling markets, engage with friendly locals, and indulge in delicious traditional cuisine.


Ethiopian cuisine, engage with friendly locals, and soak in the vibrant atmosphere of this enchanting town. Prepare to be amazed by the timeless beauty and cultural treasures that await you in Lalibela, a destination like no other.

Gondar/Bahirdar Package

Join us on an enchanting journey to Gondar and Bahir Dar, two vibrant cities nestled in the heart of Ethiopia. You'll experience the rich historical and natural wonders of these remarkable destinations.

North and South Package

An extraordinary journey to the Omo Valley in Ethiopia, a region known for its diverse cultures and breathtaking landscapes. Immerse yourself in the vibrant traditions, fascinating tribes, and stunning natural wonders of this captivating destination.




Nick L

Dan took me on a 1 day walking tour of all the Lalibela churches and he was a fantastic guide. We started early on a Sunday to see all the worshippers at mass, then visited half the churches, had lunch at his house cooked by his lovely wife, then visited the final group of churches. He grew up in Lalibela (his father was a priest at one of the famous churches) so he knows all the history and can even take you through secret cave and tunnel entrances! I highly recommend Dan and he can be contacted on +251 91 105 4296.

12 November 2023


Max Vere-Hodge

Daniel was excellent. We attended Christmas '22 at Lalibela and Daniel ensured that our experience far exceeded our expectations. Daniel expertly navigated the site which was full of pilgrims for the celebrations ensuring we arrived seamlessly on time for all the best spectacles.

Daniel is very skilful at supporting photographers to help them realise images and find suitable subjects and situations. He's also very knowledgable about the site and its history.

14 July 2023


Jennifer Miller

Thanks to Daniel, I had the most incredible travel experience in Lalibela. His knowledge, punctuality, and attentiveness made my journey fun and hassle-free. As a solo female traveler, I was initially intimidated with the thought of navigating Lalibela on my own. Daniel put me at ease from the start. He is an exceptional communicator. From the moment you book, and throughout. As well, his extensive knowledge and network of connections grants you unique access into the local culture. A TRULY authentic experience. Unforgettable.

16 July 2023


J Egusquiza

We did a full tour of Lalibela churches with Dan in May 2024 and I can assure anyone asking that he is the best tour guide we have ever had. He knows everything about the churches and he will make sure you are alright all the way along. I highly recommend him for your visit to Lalibela.

30 June 2024

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Daniel Shewalem
Lalibela Tour 

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