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Calling all Dani Lalibela Tours customers! We would love to hear about your experience with our company. If you had an amazing adventure with us, please share your testimonial and let us know how Dani Lalibela Tours made your journey unforgettable. We value your feedback and look forward to hearing your stories!


Nick L

12 November 2023

Dan took me on a 1 day walking tour of all the Lalibela churches and he was a fantastic guide. We started early on a Sunday to see all the worshippers at mass, then visited half the churches, had lunch at his house cooked by his lovely wife, then visited the final group of churches. He grew up in Lalibela (his father was a priest at one of the famous churches) so he knows all the history and can even take you through secret cave and tunnel entrances! I highly recommend Dan and he can be contacted on +251 91 105 4296.


Jennifer Miller

16 July 2023

Thanks to Daniel, I had the most incredible travel experience in Lalibela. His knowledge, punctuality, and attentiveness made my journey fun and hassle-free. As a solo female traveler, I was initially intimidated with the thought of navigating Lalibela on my own. Daniel put me at ease from the start. He is an exceptional communicator. From the moment you book, and throughout. As well, his extensive knowledge and network of connections grants you unique access into the local culture. A TRULY authentic experience. Unforgettable.


Max Vere-Hodge

14 July 2023

Daniel was excellent. We attended Christmas '22 at Lalibela and Daniel ensured that our experience far exceeded our expectations. Daniel expertly navigated the site which was full of pilgrims for the celebrations ensuring we arrived seamlessly on time for all the best spectacles.

Daniel is very skilful at supporting photographers to help them realise images and find suitable subjects and situations. He's also very knowledgable about the site and its history.



5 June 2023

I recently took a 10 day trip in Ethiopia with Dan and it was an amazing experience. We visited Lalibela including a day of trekking, Bahir Dahr, Gonder and the Simien mountain. Dan took me to some cool local places and had great recommendations for coffee and restaurants. Was also very flexible and willing to tailor every part of the tour to my interests e.g I mentioned I was interested in a traditional coffee ceremony and he had arranged one for me that afternoon. All of the accomodations were very good.Cost was also very reasonable.

Ethiopia is a very safe country but I would recommend travelling with a guide as it makes things logistically easy and you get to have more unique local experiences.


Pia and Jorgen - Denmark

4 November 2016

Thank you Daniel for your wonderful way to be, and all the beautiful places you respectfully showed us in beautiful Lalibela. You really knew all there is to know about the beautiful country of Ethiopia and the history of Lalibela. You showed us the dark tunnels, you had your childhood there, and you really did a fine job showing us around. Highly recommend you.


Maria and Tibor

22 October 2016

We just back from our trip Lalibela , Etiopia.Daniel was the most experience and knowledge about the history all the churches.We didn't have lot of time , but he mad it we can see everything.Our time in Lalibela fell so special because of him, I recommend highly to everyone . Oct.2016 one of best time to go there, we did manege to see all the churches and also the top one in the mountain too. Thank you Daniel , keep up the good job ,


Emilia ( Manchester UK)

9 October 2016

I had a wonderful tour , Dan was very informative about the buildings and gave his own personal information about the area. He was really lovely and clearly was very proud and passionate about the area. He was more than happy to take photos and knew where to take the best ones! As a young woman travelling on my own he made me feel safe .He showed me to a beautiful restaurant which overlooked the city . Thank you so much for a fantastic day and making a dream come true !


Jenny & Matthew Phillips, England

9 April 2016

We would highly recommend Daniel as a tour guide for Lalibela. He has an unrivalled knowledge of the area and its historical significance and quickly built a rapport with our children, showing them the secret tunnels and hidden passageways. We will never forget our visit, and our son still keeps a picture on his wall and talks about Daniel with fond memories. Hope to come back one day for a longer visit, and perhaps some longer hikes once the children are older and we would certainly hope to have Daniel as our guide.


renan & ophir

31 January 2016

לפני כשבוע וחצי בילינו במשך שלושה ימים עם דניאל בעיר לליבלה וסביבתה.<br>דניאל הינו מדריך מעולה, בקיא בפרטים, מכיר את כל הזויות והמקומות המתאימים, ומעל לכל הוא בנאדם מקסים.<br>נהננו מכל רגע עימו, במיוחד לאור שהוא היה פתוח וזמין לכל מיני גחמות שלנו (והיו לא מעט כאלה) שלא היו מתוכננות במסלול. הלכנו איתו לשוק מקומי שלא היה מתוכנן, סיירנו איתו סיור סתמי לכאורה ומקסים בעיר לקראת שעות הערב, וחווינו את המקום הקסום הזה על כל רבדיו.<br>כמובן שהסיור וההסברים בתוך הכנסיות החפורות היה לא פחות ממרתק והותיר עלינו רושם כביר.<br>אנחנו ממליצים בחום על דניאל ככל ואתם מתלבטים לגבי הדרכה באזור, שהינה כמובן מומלצת ביותר אם לא מחויבת המציאות.<br>דניאל, תודה מכל הלב.


Bruce Keith, USA

7 January 2016

Daniel is an excellent guide, providing a depth of historical knowledge on each of the rock hewn churches. His tour is organized around the needs and interests of persons in the tour group and he is capable of modifying the tour schedule based on queries and discussions that evolve during the tour. The churches of Lalibela are phenomenal, certainly worthy of their distinction as a UNESCO World Heritage site. Even after 900 years, the churches remain a functional and active part of the Lalibela culture. Every Ethiopian as well as persons visiting the country should take the time to explore Lalibela. I’ll likely return to Lalibela for another look at this incredible site, and when I do, I’ll be sure to contact Daniel.


Michael O. Varhola

9 December 2015

Very much enjoyed the two days I spent with guide Daniel Shewalem in the holy city of Lalibela! As a native of the city he is very knowledgeable about the churches, other local features, and the surrounding area overall. My visit was certainly enhanced by having him as a guide and when I return to further explore the area I will certainly be availing myself of his services again.


Eve Yohalem

9 September 2015

We spent an extraordinary two days with Daniel in Lalibela. He's warm and easygoing, and as a lifelong resident of one of the most historically significant villages in the world, his knowledge of the region and its sites is unparalleled.


Alice Allan, British Embassy, A.A, Ethiopia.

26 November 2014

Daniel is a highly experienced guide who adds a
personal touch to visiting Lalibela and the rock churches
around it. The son of a priest, his stories of growing up
among the historic churches are riveting, and he is full
of wonderful snippets of information that only a true
local could know. He was great with our children and
catered his guiding exactly to our needs. I would highly recommend him, and indeed have to lots of very satisfied friends and relatives who have visited Ethiopia!


Diego Modonesi

11 January 2013

Very good and professional guide in Lalibela.
I have met Daniel at the end of December 2013 and I was impressed by his level of professionality. Apart from the historical and art excellent explanations he was able to provide also information about in local flora and fauna (e.g. birdwatching

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